Priority VM call

Application is open until 28th of February 2022

Virtual Mobility (VM) grants consist of a collaboration in a virtual setting among researchers or innovators within the COST Action to exchange knowledge, learn new techniques, etc.. .

The awarded VM Grant is expected to cover the following activities:
1st Call for STSM applications in the 3rd grant period – COST Action CA18219 Geothermal-DHC
  • Coordination of the data assessment and surveys related to cases studies on geothermal en-ergy use in heating and cooling networks by interacting with the involved Permanent Working Group Coordinators (PWG1, PWG2, and PWG4) and Country Representative group,
  • Support the interlinking of case study surveys with related stakeholder surveys (operators and communities related to the use of geothermal energy in heating and cooling grids)
  • Design and development of the fact sheets including online data assessment forms,
  • Digital surveys on published key market data related to the use of geothermal energy in heat-ing and cooling networks in Europe,
  • Support the concept (White Book) of a GIS based web tool for spatial displaying of the created fact sheets.
A draft concept of the initiative linked to GAPG1 is available under the following link.

For more information about the call please have a look at the official call document
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