Invitation to join the ''100 good reasons for using geothermal energy in heating and cooling networks'' initiative

Geothermal energy offers various technological concepts to supply heating and cooling (HC) networks at various temperature and capacity levels. The main benefits of using geothermal energy in heating and cooling networks are obvious: Reduction of energy imports, high energy conversion factors, low environmental impact and surface land consumption and stable and predictable costs. In combination with other advantages such as the potential for sector coupling, the arguments in favour of geothermal energy are evident for those who already are familiar with it. However, there is still both prevailing low visibility and awareness towards geothermal energy as a sustainable source for heating and cooling networks among relevant stakeholders, such as political decision makers and investors. Too often, these stakeholders still assume that geothermal energy could only be applied at specific geologically attractive regions. Yet the broad range of proven technical concepts in form of shallow, medium and deep systems highlights that geothermal energy is applicable practically everywhere. However, this is often not known outside the geothermal community. Relevant stakeholders might be not aware that technologies they consider not yet mature and established are already successfully implemented in other regions.

To tackle this obstacle, the “100 good reasons for using geothermal energy in heating and cooling networks” initiative (‘100 good reason initiative’) intends to raise the visibility of successfully operating geothermal HC networks in Europe in order to inform and inspire future market actors. The initiative intends to create a web map application of operating and planned projects linked to informative fact sheets on each site to exhibit the full technological spectrum of geothermal HC networks starting from low temperature local networks (e.g., “5th generation heating and cooling networks”) towards conventional large capacity district heating networks. 

The electronic survey can be reached via this


How to support the ‘100 good reasons initiative’?

During the initiative, we will collect key characteristics of geothermal HC networks during an electronic survey, which will be open from May 2022 on. Participants from your country inside the EU COST Action CA18219 Geothermal-DHC will be happy to assist you during the survey.

In order to prepare your input data we recommend to you using the editable PDF offline template for assembling your answers. Please note that you cannot reopen the online form once started. Data entered in the meantime might get lost. If you need more information concerning the questionnaire please have a look at the PDF version of the Web briefing of the 100 good reasons initiative. 

What will happen with the answers provided by you?

The survey follows two major aims:

  • Published outline and characterization of geothermal energy supplied heating and cooling networks in Europe. The answers given by you will be published in public accessible fact sheets linked to a web map service, which will be available at until the end of 2023. 
  • Internal data analyses concerning the technological situation and key drivers, executed within the EU COST Action CA18219 Geothermal-DHC
*The COST Action CA18219 Geothermal-DHC ensures that these data will neither be made public or be shared with third parties. 

From autumn 2022 on, the preliminary online survey form will be transformed into a permanent web based content management systems (CMS), to which you will have access to further update or adapt your entries. As a user at the later CMS you will also have the right to delete your case study in case you decide not to support the initiative anymore. In case you would like to withdraw the information given through the survey ahead of autumn 2022, please write a short message to

Why participating at the ‘100 good reasons initiative’?

  • Help increasing the visibility of  geothermal energy in heating and cooling networks in Europe
  • Promote your installation / project to a European wide audience
  • Exchange ideas and concepts with other market actors in the same field of application

PDF offline template
PDF version of Web briefing
Video of Web briefing
Fact Sheet - Initiative "100 good reasons"
Summary of the Initiative "100 good reasons"