Public call for candidates for young researchers in geothermal at Geological survey of Slovenia

11/04/2023 The Geological Survey of Slovenia has currently an open public call for young researchers in GEOTHERMAL.

The call is opened till including Saturday, 15th April 2023 (date stamp at the envelope) and you can find more info here (in Slovenian, but google translate works OK).

It is a 4-year young researcher position in geothermal at GeoZS with topic: 
The influence of hydrogeological and geothermal factors on the possibility of storing heat under the Earth's surface, supervised by Assist. Prof. Nina Rman, within the programme group P1-0020 Groundwaters and geochemistry.

The trainee backgound can be technical, mathematical, physics or natural sciences and is not limited to geologists. 

The candidate has to send the completed PRINTED application form with signature, statements with signatures and supporting documents in a sealed envelope with a note to the address Geological Institute of Slovenia, Dimičeva ulica 14, 1000 Ljubljana registered mail with the note "DO NOT OPEN - Application for the Call for Young Researchers in 2023".

If you have any questions, pülease contact