Career workshop for Young Researchers and Innovators (YRI)


Date & Time: February 20th 2024 / 2pm - 5pm CET
Place:  Online (Zoom link will provided in advance)
Application Deadline: February 2nd 2024

Deciding on a career path can be challenging for young researchers. Should you stay in academia or explore opportunities in the non-academic sector? This 3-hour online workshop is specifically tailored to help researchers make these important decisions.

Within the workshop we will explore exercises that help participants understand their own preferences, skills, and strengths, and investigate how these personal attributes can guide career choices. As a participant, you will learn practical ways to research potential careers and plan your next steps. The workshop is designed to be highly participatory, ensuring that each researcher gains insights relevant to their individual journey.

An added benefit of the workshop is the opportunity for researchers to prepare themselves to participate in a Meet & Greet event with industry leaders a few weeks later. This event is a great chance to network, meet potential employers, and learn more about careers outside academia.


Please send us your application through the Application form

You will be informed  about your participation status at the 6th of February 2024 via e-mail.

Please note that you need to be registered to eCOST in order to receive a formal invitation.

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