Geothermal-DHC supports the 2nd European Energy Storage Workshop with a session on Underground Thermal Energy Storage Systems

CA18219 - Geothermal DHC supported the European Geothermal PhD days 2023 with a dedicated session on technical and social aspects of geothermal DHC networks



INFO-GEOTHERMAL project & COST Action CA18219 Geothermal-DHC present the Summer School 2023 on "Advances in developing geothermal resources for heating, cooling and electricity production"

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Dr. M.Bloemendal1,2, Prof. Dr. P.J.Vardon1 1Delft University of Technology 2KWR water research institute

“Geothermal District Heating and Cooling Renewable district heating and cooling systems, using geothermal resources”

The District Heating Company of Szeged (SZETÁV) supplies 27,256 apartments and 433 non-residential end-users with heating and domestic hot water. Since 2018, SZETÁV and its partners have been carrying out Europe's largest geothermal district heating project. The result of the project will be a 60% less polluting, more economically operating system that relies on local energy sources.